A short history of our school

Education of commerce began in Bekescsaba in 1953.

For one year it was connected to the Economic Tech School, and later, from 1954, the teaching of commerce and catering was in Vocational Institute No 611.

In 1964, the operation of the school got under control of the Commercial Board of the County Council. In this era, the school had 600 students.

Other changes took place in 1973 when the school got under the control of the Educational Board of the County Council. The student number was 812 at this time. The execution of educational and training aims were done by a headmaster, a deputy headmaster, 5 full-time theoretical teachers, one practical teacher and about 20 part-time teachers.

There was an important leap forward on 31 January 1975, when the teachers finally had the possibility to move into the present building.
The aim of the institute has been constant.

Support of trained staff in the fields of commerce and catering are provided in 8-11 trades for the competent companies and businesses in Bekes County. From 1974 to 1978, on average, 300 day-time and 90 adult students enhanced the number of needed well-trained labour in the county.

There has always been a great interest for the institute that can be certified by the fact that as early as in the school year of 1978-79 there were 926 students in 32 classes. One third of the students were catering students and two thirds were commerce students. In this era, vocational training was 3 years long. The students improved their professional skills in 200 practice places.

The school years of 1988-89 and 1992-93 brought new changes and challenges to the school. These were the years of the first technical secondary school classes. In this training, students got a trade and GCSE. In the year 1998-99 we joined the so called World Bank training. The certificates of trades could be acquired after 1-2 years more training. This was the first year when we accepted students for our commercial manager training. This is supported by the Economy College of Szolnok.